A weekend with Rie Takeda and Heike Gohres

Calligraphy combined with painting: 12/04/2019 – 14/04/2019

Art is a way of expressing oneself either in a picture or object form. During the art workshop that we hold, we try to explore as much as possible how we can get satisfaction from the activities that we undertake during this short period of time. This time around we have incorporated another form of art called “Shodo” caligraphy
Shodo (calligraphy) is an art that must be separated from all other creative arts. It is an art that places emphasis on the simplicity, beauty and especially on the link between the body and the mind
This art comes from a culture that shows the value in visual and tactile expression. This highly developed culture is imperfect, impermanent and incomplete. It is expressed in simplicity and in a great freedom of sublime forms and colours.
The materials used are organic, that is, wood, paper, textiles, stone and clay
The texture is rough, uneven, random and varied in accordance with the materials. It is not polished or cleaned and appears genuine and not constructed. Through the natural processes and use it is subject to seasonal changes, this creates beauty through use.
The weekend of 12 to 14th April offers an opportunity to learn about this form of calligraphy and to delve into the design with different materials on various substrates.
The surroundings of Le-Chapitre offers ideal conditions for this workshop.
The workshop will be Lure in a historic house that used to be a monastery before the French revolution. The proprietor Matthias Kaiser (aka Tass) will spoil you with delicious food. Depending on the weather, we may do our designs in the large Orangerie.


Registration is up to 31st January 2019.
Registration is €300 per person, that is for accommodation, food and materials.

For registration go to : https://heikegohres.wordpress.com/malreisen/



Among the goals of the Acc is to host exhibitions. So far, the Association has hosted two exibitions since inception. However, this good project had to be put on hold as the house does not meet the accessibilty requirements of people who are differently abled. The ACC is now looking for well wishers, individual doners or organisations that can help raise a sum €50 000 to build a ramp and a toilet that meets the requirements of accessibility. This good cause will not only serve for the exhibitions but also for the other numerous groups of people who are differently abled that have used the house over the years for vacation.

Your donation small or big will go a long way this noble cause.