Le Chapitre ACC Price Overview 2017

Chambre d'Hotes

A double room with a bathroom and an English breakfast 70 €
A single room with a bathroom and an English breakfast 40 €

• An apartment for 6 people approx. 110 sqm, 3 double bed rooms,kitchen, Salon and bathroom.
 Price per day 120 €
 Weekend Price 175 €
 Price for one week € 490
 Charge for bed linen and towels 10 € per person

• An apartment for 4 people approx 110 sqm, 2 doublebed rooms, kitchen, Salon and Shower.
 Price per day 90 €
 Weekend 135 €
 Price for one week 350 €
 Charge for bed linen and towels 10 € per person.

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Main House Le-Chapitre
• 5 double rooms, kitchen, two bathrooms and living rooms.
 Price per day 400 €
 Weekend Price 600 €
 Price for one week 1,800 €

• For seminars and groups, the price ranges between 20 and 30 €.This is dependent on the number of participants, the duration of stay and the use of the adjoining rooms.

• The prices are subject to change according to an individual group and needs
.•In addition, we offer catering services for half and full board.

 We cook vegan, vegetarian, Badisch, Italian, African, Halal, Ayurveda, preferred cuisine of the season, with fresh herbs and other international recipes.

• When we cook for group, we charge 65 €, per person inclusive of board and lodge
• We may consider the exchange of services. We accept other currencies as well.
• Active members of the ACC will receive a discount of 25% as benefit for their contribution

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