The C in our logo stands for Chapitre (chapter), the original name of the house.

The superscript 5 stands as a metaphor for the fifth dimension. What is the fifth dimension? The fifth dimension is the spirit that exists beyond time and space.

Read together, this makes C to the power of 5, a place that is currently writing its own chapter of art, creativity and diversity of possibilities.

You are invited!


The “Association Culture et Créativité” ACC, supports projects in the field of art and culture, education, ecology and aid for Third World Countries. It supports free and social small enterprises and initiatives in implementing their projects.

The individual projects are economically separate and independent entity, but are encouraged by the synergy and networking as well as favorable conditions.

The merging of different interests, needs and desires through horizontal and vertical connections is crucial for the ACC. The “Le chapter” offers guest and conference rooms for small groups in ideal environment. The big rooms, park and garden make it possible for individual groups to attain their goals.


Educational Workshop
At Le Chapitre you have an indoor and outdoor space to run your workshop for yoga, painting, meditation, pilates, lectures, sport club and more.

Cultural interaction
Le Capitre is a space for communities to come together and share their values whether through storytelling or gathering over food and drinks.

Ecological Works
Le Chapires location is unique because it is in the middle of the town and at the same time it preserves the nature that is usually found in wilderness. Land art and installations in the park and the garden are some of the projects we are working on.

Culture of Mourning
Find your quite space at Le Chapitre to mourn and transition to the next part of your life after a loss. Reconnect with your family as you spend time together away from the daily disturbances.

Aid to third world Countries
Our Association is constantly working to support immigrants and refugees. We have also adopted a school in Zambia and provide help to the children who do not have access to public schools.